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Baltic Cinema

This Is Bate Bola & The Good Fight Film Screenings

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This is Bate Bola is based in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro during its world famous Carnival, far from the beach and the touristic clichés, where there is a contest between neighbourhoods. This old form of carnival features teams of futuristic gladiators that are a surreal mixture of play and menace. A tradition that has its roots in ancient European carnival traditions and in African rituals, they look like visitors from another planet. A film by Ben Holman & Neirin Jones with original soundtrack by Ben Lamar Gay. The Good Fight is based around the story of Alan Duarte who has lost nine close family members to gun violence in his favela community in Rio de Janeiro. Now, through his boxing project, he’s fighting to build a better future for his son and his community. Directed by Ben Holman, Produced by Beija Films & Mother London.