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A Movement in Government?
The World Transformed

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What will it take to bring about a fundamental re-ordering of our economy ‘for the many not the few’? What challenges will a Corbyn government face, from financial markets to the British state? How do we move from broad visions to clear-eyed strategy, sharpening our plans and mobilising the necessary social forces? What historical lessons can we draw upon, and how might we deploy our greatest asset - our growing movement - to deliver radical change? Come and discuss.

Press coverage
Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording (poor quality) by The World Transformed. (2018-09-24)
Can the Ruling Class Speak? by Tom Mills. How analysis of concentrated social power can feel like conspiracy theory. (2018-10-14)


Paul Mason

Writer, author and film-maker. As economics editor at Newsnight, then Channel 4 News he covered the global financial crisis, the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement and the Gaza war. His bestselling book Postcapitalism has been translated into 16 languages. His play Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere was televised on BBC Two in 2017.

Dimitris Tzanakopoulos
Politician // Syriza

Minister of State & the Government Spokesperson of the Hellenic Republic (Greece).

Christine Berry

Christine Berry is a freelance researcher and writer on radical economics based in Manchester. She is a Fellow of the Next System Project and a Trustee of Rethinking Economics and the Finance Innovation Lab

Joe Guinan
Think Tank Director // Democracy Collaborative

Senior Fellow at Democracy Collaborative and Executive Director of the Next System Project