The World Transformed 2018

22nd - 25th September

Name and affiliation Details Sessions

Aaron Bastani
Journalist // Novara Media

Co-founder and senior editor at Novara Media, journalist and author of 'Fully Automated Luxury Communism'

Adam Klug

Co-founder and former National Organiser of Momentum and organiser for The World Transformed

Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay is the Co-Editor of openDemocracyUK and also works with Bright Green. Before, he was a full time campaigner with People & Planet.

Adjoa Andoh

Is an actress of stage and screen; appearing in the films as diverse as 'Invictus' and 'Adulthood', and on stage in productions ranging from 'His Dark Materials' to 'The Vagina Monologues'.
In Clem's Own Words (Monday 17:30-19:00)

Aidan Harper
Researcher // 4 Day Week Campaign

Member of the 4 Day Week Campaign, and a researcher in work and social policy for the New Economics Foundation (NEF)
A 4 Day Week: The Time is Now! (Tuesday 15:00-16:45)

Akram Salhab

Migrants Organise

Alan Finlayson

Alan Finlayson is a British political theorist and political scientist. He is Professor of Political and Social Theory at The University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom

Alan Gibbons

Alan Gibbons is an English writer of children's books , commited anti-fascist and winner of a Blue Peter Book Award.
Britain's New Far Right (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Alex Mayer MEP

MEP for East of England

Ali Mussell

Early Years Teacher, Radical Education Forum

Alia Malak

Alia Malak is a British-Palestinian based in London. She holds an MA in Human Rights from the University of Sussex and has previously been published in Electronic Intifada, Novara Media and Al Jazeera English.

Alice Kinghorn-Gray
Campaigner // Electoral Reform Society (Scotland)

Campaign Organiser for Electoral Reform Society (Scotland), organiser for 'Act As If We Own The Place', works on relations between the municipalist movements across Spain and Scotland

Alice Martin
Researcher // New Economics Foundation

Alice is Head of Work and Pay at the New Economics Foundation and is author of Why We Need Trade Unions in the 21st Century (Polity Press, 2019).
A 4 Day Week: The Time is Now! (Tuesday 15:00-16:45)

Alison McGarry

Labour activist and chair of Islington North CLP. Alison is an International tradeUnion/NGO advisor and trainer.

Amal Bider

Amal has a focus on anti-racist and and anti-islamophobia organising. Recently, she has been working in communities particularly in response to the Grenfell Tragedy. She is particularly interested in youth empowerment and young people's involvement in political activism. Amal has worked on documenting narratives from Eritrean refugees and their harsh journeys and has also ran workshops on tackling islamophobia.
Generation Solidarity (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Andrew Cumbers

Political economist

Andrew Towers
Trade Unionist // CWU

Head of Political Strategy at CWU

Andrew Whyment

Theatre director, facilitator of education and participation projects and Labour Party activist
Kids Write Plays! (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Andy Greene

Disabled People Against Cuts
Disrupting the Status Quo (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Angela Phillips

Professor of Journalism at Goldsmiths, University of London and the co-author of Misunderstanding News Audiences, Seven Myths of the Social Media Era (2018) which considers the impact of news personalisation on media consumption and democracy.

Ann Feltham
Campaigner // CAAT

Parliamentary Co-ordinator of Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)

Ann Henderson
Political candidate

Labour NEC and University of Edinburgh rector

Ann O'Byrne

Labour Councillor

Ann Pettifor
Economist // PRIME - Policy Research in Macroeconomics

Ann Pettifor is a political economist, author, fellow of the New Economics Foundation, and director of PRIME – Policy Research in Macroeconomics. Since 2015, Ann is a senior economic advisor to the Labour Party. She is famous for her work on debt and the international financial architecture, leading an international campaign which resulted in the cancellation of $100 billion of debt owed by the poorest countries.

Anna Dent

Independent public policy consultant and RSA fellow focusing on employment, skills and welfare issues. She is currently working on welfare reform and basic income models. 
Update the Welfare State (Saturday 11:00-12:30)

Anna Markova
Activist // Platform

Campaigns coordinator for Platform

Anna Minton

Anna Minton is a writer, journalist and Reader in Architecture at UEL. She has written two books, Ground Control in 2009 and Big Capital in 2017

Anna Rothery

Mayoral Lead 4 Equality & Race Equality Liverpool

Anne-Marie Cockburn

Anne-Marie Cockburn’s 15 year old daughter Martha Fernback died in 2013 of an accidental ecstasy overdose. Ever since then she has tirelessly campaigned to get drugs legally controlled and regulated. She is a founding member of the campaign Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control.

Asad Rehman
War on Want

Ash Sarkar
Journalist // Novara Media

Senior editor at Novara Media, and lecturer in Global Politics at Anglia Ruskin University and The Sandberg Instituut

Asima Shaikh

Labour Councillor for Finsbury Park and Cabinet Member for Economic Development

Ava Caradonna
Activist // The x:talk project

Organiser with the x:talk project

Aya O'Haidar

Barry Gardiner MP
Politician // Labour Party

Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade
Trading with Trump (Saturday 13:00-14:30)

Becky Bond

Former Senior Advisor to Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and co-author of ‘Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything'

Ben Beach

Architect, housing activist and a member of Plan C

Ben Westley Clarke

Ben Clarke is an artist who lives and works in Camden Town, London.

Beth Foster Ogg
Activist // Momentum

Beth Foster-Ogg is Momentum's national training organiser
Campaign Building (14 -18 years) (Saturday 13:00-13:45)
Disrupting the Status Quo (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Beth Redmond
Campaigner // Manchester Momentum

Beth Redmond helped to set up Chorlton Socialist Club, a space for local Labour Party members and supporters to explore political ideas through social events outside of meetings.

Bhaskar Sunkara
Publisher // Jacobin Magazine

Bhaskar Sunkara is the founder of Jacobin Magazine.

Blaire Buchanan
Activist // SWARM

Organiser with Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement (SWARM)

Bonnie Castillo
Trade Unionist // National Nurses United

Executive Director of National Nurses United union of the United States

Callum Cant
Activist // Notes From Below

Callum Cant is currently writing ‘Working for Deliveroo’ (forthcoming on Polity Press) and is an editor at Notes from Below. He worked at Deliveroo for eight months, during which time he was an IWGB rep.

Camille Barbagallo
Women’s Strike Assembly UK

Academic, activist and Women’s Strike Assembly UK organiser

Carina Book

Political scientist and author. In her writings she focuses on analyzing the “New Right” an especially the so called “Identitarian Movement”. As an activist from “interventionist left”, she has been involved in the mobilisations against big fascist demonstrations in the last years, such as the "Day of Patriots" in 2015 which ended with a ban of the right-wing march and up to 15000 anti-fascists at the counter-demonstration.

Carolyn Jones

Director of the Institute for Employment Rights

Carys Roberts
Think Tank Economist // IPPR

Carys works on the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, and wrote on managing automation, with a focus on employment, inequality and ethics in the digital age. Her current work looks at the future of care.
A 4 Day Week: The Time is Now! (Tuesday 15:00-16:45)

Cat Hobbs
Campaigner // We Own It

Founder and Director of We Own It

Catherine Colebrook
Researcher // IPPR

Chief economist at IPPR

Celia McKeon
Rethinking Security

Coordinator of Rethinking Security, which aims to promote debate about the problems with the UK's current approach to security, and build support for possible alternative approaches. She was previously trust assistant secretary at the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.
Empire 2.0 (Monday 15:00-16:30)

Dr Chamindra Weerawardhana

Dr Chamindra Weerawardhana is a gender justice advocate, journalist, author, and gender politics academic. Chamindra was LGBT+ Officer of the Labour Party Northern Ireland, and has worked on Transfeminism in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, Canada, and Sri Lanka. Her book, “Decolonising Peacebuilding”, is out later this year.
Fighting for Trans Liberation (Monday 19:30-21:15)

Chantal Mouffe

Belgian political theorist and Professor of Political Theory at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster.
A New Populism (Monday 17:30-19:00)

Charlie Clarke

Charlie Clarke is a member of The World Transformed team and has helped organise the festival since it began in 2016. He is a member of Hackney North CLP and works as a support worker in a hostel for people with complex needs.

Charlotte Grace

Charlotte teaches architecture and works for Novara Media.
Creative Class (Saturday 13:00-14:30)

Charlotte Knowles
Independent Film Trust

Write-up: How do you tackle the lack of representation in UK cinema? Filmmaker and founder of the Vertical Lab, Charlotte Knowles is joined by film artists, Leaphia Darko, Sumerah Srivastav and Chloe Mamelok to discuss the the importance of mentoring, seeking out talent amongst underrepresented groups and breaking down doors. Come and join the discussion and watch films produced by a diverse range of artists that are making waves in UK film.
Representation in Film (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Charlotte Riley

Charlotte Lydia Riley is a lecturer in twentieth century British history at the University of Southampton. She works on the history of the Labour Party, the end of the British Empire, overseas development, aid and humanitarianism.

Chloe Mamelok

Chloe Mamelok is a documentary producer and journalist. She has recently worked at Vice media, producing and shooting on documentaries ranging from a series on international extremist groups to a feature-length film on assisted dying. She was recently selected as one of Sheffield Documentary Festival’s ‘Future Producers 2018’ and is currently co-directing a short film about a rehabilitation program for drug-addicted mothers in New Jersey, supported by Glassbreaker Films in the US.
Representation in Film (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Chloe Tomlinson

Chris Fear
Industrial Workers of the World

Courier, General Organiser of the Industrial Workers of the World union and a co-leader of the IWW Couriers Network campaign.

Chris Peace

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and Labour PPC for North East Derbyshire
Class Justice (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Chris Williamson MP

Labour MP for Derby North, formerly leader of Derby City Council. He is a former bricklayer, market trader, social worker and welfare rights officer and has been an animal rights and trade union activist all his adult life.

Christine Berry

Christine Berry is a freelance researcher and writer on radical economics based in Manchester. She is a Fellow of the Next System Project and a Trustee of Rethinking Economics and the Finance Innovation Lab

Clara Paillard
Trade Unionist // PCS

President of PCS Culture Group

Claude Barbe-Brown

Populate, Radio Producer, Presenter

Claudia Webbe
Politician // Labour Party

Member of the Labour Party National Executive Committee and Executive member for Environment and Transport at Islington Council

Clive Lewis MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Norwich South

Colin Waugh

Colin Waugh is a co-founder of the Independent Working Class Education Network and author of Plebs: The lost legacy of independent working class education. He edits Post-16 Educator.

Coral Jones

Chair of Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP

Costas Lapavitsas

Professor of Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies; and former member of the Hellenic Parliament for the left-wing party Syriza.

Dalia Gebrial

Decolonisation activist, PhD candidate at LSE and co-editor of 'Decolonising the University'

Dan Carden MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Liverpool Walton
Update the Welfare State (Saturday 11:00-12:30)

Dan Firth

Director of Community Organising - Labour Party
How to Win BIG (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Dan Hind

Independent publisher and republican whose work focuses on the relationship between states and the communications regimes in which they are embedded. Dan is a fellow at the Democracy Collaborative, which recently published his paper "The Constitutional Turn: Liberty and the Co-operative State". He also co-presents the Media Democracy podcast with Tom Mills.

Daniel Frost
Activist // New Socialist

New Socialist contributing editor and a Labour and Momentum activist in Croydon. He is a PhD student and UCU member at the University of Reading.
Painting the Towns Red (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Daniel Lewis
Activist // The Media Fund

Chairman of The Media Fund

Danielle Rowley MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Midlothian

Dave Randall

Writer, activist, musician and guitarist of Faithless, author of 'Sound System: The Political Power of Music'

Dave Ward
Trade Unionist // CWU

General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union

David Graeber
Academic / Activist

Professor of anthropology at the LSE. Author of the book Debt: The First 5000 years; and Bullshit Jobs. He was involved in the Global Justice Movement and Occupy Wall Street
A 4 Day Week: The Time is Now! (Tuesday 15:00-16:45)

David Harvey

Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and author of Marx, Capital & the Madness of Economic Reason; The Ways of the World; 17 Contradictions & the End of Capitalism
Tribune: The Relaunch (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Dawn Butler MP
Politician // Labour Party

Shadow Secretary of State for Women & Equalities and Labour MP for Brent Central

Dawn Foster

Guardian columnist who writes on politics, social affairs and economics

Deborah Harrington
Public Matters

Dennis Skinner MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Bolsover

Diane Abbott MP
Poltician // Labour Party

Shadow Home Secretary and Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Dimitris Tzanakopoulos
Politician // Syriza

Minister of State & the Government Spokesperson of the Hellenic Republic (Greece).
A Movement in Government? (Sunday 19:30-21:15)
A Radical Alliance for Europe (Sunday 15:00-16:30)

Djordje Kuzmanovic

National spokesperson for La France Insoumise and a foreign affairs advisor to Jean-Luc Mélenchon."

Dorothy Grace Guerrero
Global Justice Now

Policy and advocacy team manager at Global Justice Now. Her work as organiser, researcher/analyst, educator, and campaigner in social movements and NGOs spans almost 30 years. She works on and writes about climate change and energy issues, impacts of globalised trade and investments on people’s livelihoods in Asia, China‘s new role in the global political economy and other economic justice concerns.

Dr Faiza Shaheen
Think Tank Director // CLASS

Dr Faiza Shaheen is an economist, activist, and Director of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) - and now the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate set to unseat Ian Duncan-Smith. In 2017, Faiza was named the Observer Rising Star for Campaigning, nominated as Asian Woman of the Year and featured in the Top 100 Influencers on the Left list.

Dr Janet Price

Feminist disabled campaigner working on issues of sexuality, disability and social justice, Honorary Fellow at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Dr Kehinde Andrews

Dr Kehinde Andrews is Associate Professor of Sociology, and has been leading the development of the Black Studies Degree at Birmingham City University. His new book Back to Black: Retelling the Story of Black Radicalism for the 21st Century is published by Zed Books. Kehinde is director of the Centre for Critical Social Research; founder of the Harambee Organisation of Black Unity; and co-chair of the Black Studies Association.

Dr Paul Darke

Academic, writer & cultural critic, Director of Outside Centre, and originator of Normality Theory

Dr Sonya Robotham
Campaigner // Spectrum Derbyshire

Director of Operations at Spectrum Derbyshire

Duncan McCann
Researcher // New Economics Foundation

Duncan is a researcher at the New Economics Foundation.
Taking on the Tech Giants (Tuesday 13:00-14:30)

Ed Lewis

Campaigner for Global Justice Now and is involved in the London Renters Union. He is a co-founder of Demand The Impossible, a political eduction course for 16-25 year olds and is a member of Hackney North LP.

Ed Miliband MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Doncaster North and former leader of the Labour Party.
A New Economic Consensus? (Sunday 13:00-14:30)
The World Transformed Pub Quiz (Tuesday 19:30-21:15)

Edd Mustill

Edd Mustill is a labour history nerd and co-presenter of the Labour Days podcast. He has written a history of the Sheffield Workers' Committee and is Vice-Chair of the Sheffield Heeley Constituency Labour Party.

Eleanor Penny

Writer and activist. Senior editor at Novara Media and online editor at Red Pepper.
Britain's New Far Right (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Eliane Correa

Leader of Afro-Cuban/pan-Latin band Wara

Elif Sarican

UK Coordinator of Kurdistan Students Union. Activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement.

Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Freelance Journalist

Emily Owen

Labour PPC for Aberconwy
Painting the Towns Red (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Emine Ibrahim
Politician // Labour Party

Deputy leader of Haringey Council

Emma Back
Equal Care Co-op

Taking on the Tech Giants (Tuesday 13:00-14:30)

Emma Dent Coad MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Kensington

Emma Hardy MP

Education Select Committee and former teacher

Emma Rees

Co-founder and former National Organiser of Momentum and organiser for The World Transformed
Bringing TWT to your community (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Ertuğrul Kürkçü

Honorary President and former co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party of Turkey (HDP)
A World for the Many (Sunday 17:30-19:00)

Eva O'Connor

Irish stage actress, playwright and campaigner to Repeal the 8th Amendment
Feminism for the Many (Saturday 19:30-21:15)

Evren BH

Evren has been involved in trans activism for nearly a decade. They currently work towards providing radical healthcare solutions for trans people and analysing the mainstreaming of British transphobia and its recent links to far-right rhetoric. They organise with several leftist and trans liberation groups around London.
Fighting for Trans Liberation (Monday 19:30-21:15)

Fabian Hamilton MP

Labour MP for Leeds North East and Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament

Fabio De Masi
Politician // Die Linke

German politician for left German party Die Linke and Member of the European Parliament for Germany

Faisal Yousif
Campaigner // Liverpool Momentum

Faisal Yousif is a medical student who has been active in Liverpool Momentum since its founding.

Felicity Dowling
Liverpool Women's Hospital campaign

Firoze Manji

Firoze Manji is the founder and executive director of Fahamu and editor of Pambazuka Press, an online news magazine. He is also the former Africa director for Amnesty International and former CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation and author of “African Awakenings, The Emerging Revolutions”, and “From the Slave Trade to ‘Free’ Trade: How Trade Undermines Democracy and Justice in Africa”.

Fliss Premru
Film-maker // Reel News

Reel News

Fran Boait
Positive Money

Executive Director of Positive Money, Fran is also a Director of Finance Watch, and a Senior Fellow at the Finance Innovation Lab. Fran was also recognised as one of the most 'Inspirational Women in the City' 2017 by Brummell Magazine. Fran has also worked at various international organisations including the UN, Greenpeace, and BP. Fran is also the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Gloucester.

Frances Northrop
New Economics Foundation

Frances is a freelance consultant, working with communities as an adviser for the the NEF/Co-ops UK Community Economic Development Programme

Francesca Bria

Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer for the City of Barcelona. Founder of the Decode Project.

Francis Foley

Furqan Naeem
Citizens UK

Furqan Naeem is a community campaigner and political activist

Gail McAnena
New Socialist

Westminster editor for the New Socialist

Gail Ward
Activist // DPAC

Active disability campaigner with DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) and Black Triangle Campaign for many years. Gail was previously a Trustee at West Northumberland Food Bank/Advocacy based in Hexham where she gained most of her welfare training. She is a regular public speaker at events across the UK against austerity measures.
Update the Welfare State (Saturday 11:00-12:30)

Gareth Brown

Gareth Brown is a lecturer in International Business at the University of Leicester, a member of Plan C and co-creator of the Social Strike Game.
Social Strike Game (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Gareth Eales

Borough and County Councillor in Northamptonshire, and the Labour PPC for Northampton South. He is a postal worker at the Royal Mail and a member of the CWU.
Painting the Towns Red (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Gargi Bhattacharyya

Gargi Bhattacharyya is Professor of Sociology at UEL's Centre for Migration, Refugees and Belonging. Her research interests are in the areas of 'race' and racisms, sexualities, global cultures, the 'War on Terror', and, increasingly austerity and racial capitalism.
Empire 2.0 (Monday 15:00-16:30)

Gary Anderson

Co-founder of the Free University of Liverpool, the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, as well as Artists4Corbyn. Gary teaches drama at Liverpool Hope University and chairs the UCU branch. He maintains that political education is as revolutionary as falling in love - it changes everything.

Gary Younge

British journalist, author and broadcaster. He is editor-at-large for The Guardian


Gerry Byrne
Talk Socialism

Developing Movement Leaders (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Grace Blakeley
Researcher // IPPR

Writer and Research Fellow on IPPR’s Commission on Economic Justice

Grzegorz Rybak
Politician // Razem

Activist for Polish left-wing party Razem

Hasan Patel

young labour activist

Hazem Jamjoum

Hazem Jamjoum is a doctoral candidate in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University. His previous work has focused on political-economy approaches to Israeli colonialism and Palestinian elite formation, and critiques of partition-based conflict management “solutions”, among other areas.

Heidi Chow

Senior campaigns manager for Global Justice Now

Hilary Wainwright
Author // Red Pepper

Sociologist, political activist & author, fellow of the Transnational Institute and editor of Red Pepper magazine. Latest book: 'A New Politics from the Left', Polity Press

Holly Rigby

Teacher and Momentum activist

Huda Elmi

Labour Party National Executive Committee

Ian Byrne

Fans Supporting Foodbanks
How to Win BIG (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Ian Lavery

Labour Party Chair and MP for Wansbeck
How to Win BIG (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Idoia Villanueva

Senator for Podemos, a member of the party's executive and a spokesperson on foreign affairs.

Igor Felipe
Landless Workers' Movement (MST)

Igor Felipe is a member of the National Council of MST, the Landless Workers' Movement (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra, MST), one of Latin America’s largest and most important social movements with a membership of 1.5 million. It is a leading force both in Brazil and globally fighting for the rights of the rural poor. A key member of Via Campesina, the global movement of millions of peasants and small farmers it confronts both neoliberal agenda as well as the rise of right-wing politics.

India Thorogood

Labour Community Organising
How to Win BIG (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Isaac Rose
Campaigner // Greater Manchester Housing Action

Isaac Rose is a housing activist with Greater Manchester Housing Action, and has led great work holding Manchester City Council to account on their development plans.

Jacob Mukherjee
Campaigner // Generation Rent

Campaigns Officer at Generation Rent - an organisation fighting for the rights and interests of private renters. He is currently coordinating the national campaign to end no-fault evictions

Jacqueline Rose

Professor of Humanities, Birkbeck University of London, co-founder Independent Jewish Voices

Jacqui Haynes

Chair of Lancaster West Residents Association and Grenfell Justice activist
Class Justice (Saturday 17:30-19:00)
A World for the Many (Sunday 17:30-19:00)

James Butler
Novara Media

Senior editor of Novara Media, writer and activist
Generation Solidarity (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

James Meadway
Economist // Labour Party

Senior Economics Adviser to John McDonnell

James Murray

Deputy Mayor of London for Housing and Residential Development

James Snowball

Wetherspoons Worker

Jamie Driscoll
Talk Socialism

Developing Movement Leaders (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Jamie Woodcock
Author // Notes From Below

Editor for Notes From Below and Historical Materialism. Author of 'Working the Phones' Pluto Press 2017 and Marx at the Arcade; consoles, controllers and class struggle(forthcoming on Haymarket Press)

Jane Slater

Jason Prado
Activist // Tech Workers Coalition

Software engineer and labour organiser
Taking on the Tech Giants (Tuesday 13:00-14:30)
Tech Workers' Inquiry (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Jawad Khan

Trade Union Representative on the Young Labour National Committee, and GMB Young Members’ National Communications Officer. He is an activist in Batley and Spen CLP.
Painting the Towns Red (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Jean Blaylock
War on Want

Trade and food campaigner over fifteen years. Currently works for War on Want; previously for the Trade Justice Movement, Global Justice Now, UK Food Group and Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.
Trading with Trump (Saturday 13:00-14:30)

Jean-Luc Mélenchon
Politician // La France Insoumise

Leader of left French party La France Insoumise

Jean Ross

Co-President of National Nurses United

Jennifer Forbes
Political candidate

Labour Party Paliamentary candidate for Truro & Falmouth

Jeremy Corbyn MP
Politician // Labour Party

Leader of the UK Labour Party and MP for Islington North
A World for the Many (Sunday 17:30-19:00)

Jeremy Gilbert

Professor of Cultural and Political Theory, University of East London

Jessica Buxton
The Book Worm Players

Jess is actively working as an Actor, Facilitator and writer, but spends most of her time thinking up adventurous ways to inspire and create theatre for children.

Jill Rubery

Economist at Manchester University

Jo Beardsmore

UK Uncut
Disrupting the Status Quo (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Jo McNeill
Trade Unionist // Liverpool UCU

President of the University of Liverpool UCU branch, member of the UCU NEC. Recently elected as a National Negotiator for HE, sitting on the national Strategy and Finance Committee and Recruitment, Organising and Campaigns Committee

Joe Corcoran
New Socialist

Editorial group at New Socialist and software engineer
Tech Workers' Inquiry (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Joe Guinan
Think Tank Director // Democracy Collaborative

Senior Fellow at Democracy Collaborative and Executive Director of the Next System Project
A Movement in Government? (Sunday 19:30-21:15)

John Denham

Former Secretary of State and Director of the English Labour Network
Red, White, and Blue Labour (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

John Lister
Health Campaigns Together

John McDonnell MP
Politician // Labour Party

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington

Jon Lansman

Founder of Momentum

Jon Trickett MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Hemsworth and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office

Jonathan Ashworth MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Leicester South and Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Jonathan Shafi
Think Tank Campaigner

Campaigns Manager with think tank Common Wealth, member of the coalition behind ‘Act As If We Own The Place', founder and coordinator of the Radical Independence Congress

Joni Cohen

Joni Alizah Cohen is an independent writer and researcher based in London. Her writings focus on Marxist transfeminism, queer and trans history, Marxist theories of social reproduction, biopolitics, healthcare, disability and mental illness. She is a transfeminist organiser for Women’s Strike Assembly -UK, and a member of Plan C and Action for Trans Health
Fighting for Trans Liberation (Monday 19:30-21:15)

Josh Virusami

Black Lives Matter UK
Disrupting the Status Quo (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Julia Salazar

DSA candidate for State Senate in Brooklyn

Julie Lyon-Taylor

Chair of Merseyside Pensioners Association
Generation Solidarity (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Julie Ward MEP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MEP for the North-West of England, member of the European Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee and link MEP for UNCRPD

Karma Nabulsi

Professor Karma Nabulsi teaches at the Oxford, and works on revolutionary and republican thought. She recently launched the digital teaching resource ‘The Palestinian Revolution’ Karma is UCU equalities officer at the university, and co-founder of the Hoping Foundation, which sponsors emergency assistance, art, and scholarships for young Palestinians in refugee camps across the ME. She won the Guardian’s Higher Education ‘Inspiring Leader Award’ in 2017, and Arab Woman of the Year, 2018.

Kat Wright
Activist // ACORN Manchester

Member of Manchester ACORN, a community member led union fighting for housing justice.

Kate Hudson
Campaigner // Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner

Kate Macintosh

Kate is a celebrated architect responsible for building some of Britain’s most successful social housing

Kate Shea Baird

Kate Shea Baird is a member of the Executive of Barcelona En Comú, the citizen platform currently governing Barcelona City Hall. She has been active in its International Committee, mapping the Fearless Cities network of municipalist movements around the world.

Katja Kipping
Politician // Die Linke

Katja Kipping is chairperson for Die Linke, the leading left party in the German Parliament. She is also the editor of the socialist magazine  Prager Frühling and a founding member of the Institute of Modern Solidarity, a left-oriented think tank.
A 4 Day Week: The Time is Now! (Tuesday 15:00-16:45)

Katya Nasim
London Renters Union

Katya is a housing campaigner and founding member of the London Renters Union

Keir Milburn
Plan C

Keir Milburn is lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation at the University of Leicester. His book, Generation Left, will be published by Polity in January 2019. He is a Member of Plan C.
Generation Solidarity (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)
Social Strike Game (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Ken Loach

Award winning film and television Director

Kerry-Anne Mendoza
Journalist // The Canary

Editor-in-Chief at The Canary

Kevin Anderson

Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and holds a joint chair in Energy and Climate Change at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester and School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia

Kevin Courtney
Trade Unionist // NEU

Joint General Secretary for the National Education Union (NEU)

Kevin Frea
Politician // Labour

Labour councillor and activist for Red Green Labour

Kevin Smith

Press Officer for New Economy Organisers Network (NEON)

Kiara Mohamed
Artist // ROOT-Ed Zine

Kiara Mohamed is a multidisciplinary artist who is based in Toxteth, Liverpool. Kiara's work focuses on identity and reflects the community looking always to push the envelope on the idea of race, gender and social responsibility.

Kika Markham

Kika Markham has had a long career the cinema, television and theatre including The Crucible (Bristol Old Vic); Anthony & Cleopatra (Haymarket); The Taming of the Shrew (Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh and a number of Royal Court productions; recent TV roles include ITV’s ‘Fearless’ and ‘Mr Selfridge’; the BBC’s ‘Call The Midwife’ and ‘Spooks’.
In Clem's Own Words (Monday 17:30-19:00)

Kojo Koram

Lecturer at Essex Law School. His research interests include questions around international law, empire and race.
Red, White, and Blue Labour (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Laura Basu

Author of Media Amnesia and co-editor of The Media & Austerity, both out earlier this year. She is interested in media democracy as well as the wider question of how to create more democratic societies.

Laura Parker

Lauren McCourt
Worker // Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union

Lauren McCourt was a McStrike leader in Manchester. She was elected to Executive committee of the BFAWU, and is a committed anti-racist.

Lauren Townsend

TGI Fridays worker – Unite Hospitality Branch.

Laurence Westgaph

Laurence Westgaph is an independent researcher, community historian, writer, broadcaster and tour guide. He has a particular interest in Liverpool’s role in the slave trade and how its legacies have benefited the city and impacted its built environment.

Laurie Laybourn-Langton

Digital Economy 101 (Monday 11:00-12:30)

Leah Levane
Politician // Jewish Voice for Labour

Jewish Voice for Labour co-chair and Hastings councillor

Leaphia Darko

Leaphia Darko is an actor, writer and life long Londoner. She trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after receiving scholarships. Since graduating from RADA in July 2017 she has appeared as Portia opposite Ben Wishaw’s Brutus in Nick Hytner’s production of Julius Caesar and as Katherine in Loves Labours Lost in The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at The Shakespeare’s Globe. This year, under the mentorship of The Prince’s Trust, Leaphia founded the production company The London Rep which focuses on telling the stories of women and the working classes on stage, on screen and online. A strong focus of the company is making period pieces featuring people of colour who have been at the centre of 2000yrs of European History (
Representation in Film (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Lee Carter

Lena Šimić
Performance Practitioner

Leo Panitch

Editor of the Socialist Register and distinguished research professor at York University, Canada.

Leo Watkins
Media Reform Coalition

Masters student at Queen Mary, University of London, member of the Media Reform Coalition co-ordinating committee, and former media analyst. He was involved in the successful campaign to prevent Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox acquiring control of Sky News, and is currently developing a proposal for new publicly funded and democratically controlled news media.

Lewis Bassett

Political education officer for Derby North CLP and organiser of Derby Transformed
Bringing TWT to your community (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Liam Kelly
Make Liverpool

Liam Kelly is the founder & CEO of social enterprise Make Liverpool, supporting creatives starting businesses. Liam chairs the Baltic Triangle Area, Liverpool’s creative quarter and fastest growing tech cluster. A public speaker on mental health, new economics and equality.
Regenerating Regeneration (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Lindsey McDowell

Lindsey is Head of Eduction at the Fire Brigades Union. Her emphasis is on democratic and facilitated learning, and the transformative power of trade union education. She is a contributor to the book, Trade Union Education: Transforming the World

Lisa Nandy MP

Labour MP for Wigan
A New Economic Consensus? (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Lois Browne
Activist // Love Music Hate Racism

Love Music Hate Racism campaign

Lorcan Mullan

Lorcan Mullen is the Momentum NCG representative for Campaign for Socialism and has been an advocate for expanded political education on the Labour left. Lorcan first joined the anti-austerity movement as a student leader in Belfast in 2010 and has subsequently worked as a trade union organiser. He is a member of Edinburgh North and Leith CLP.

Louis Schulz

Louis is an architect in the Turner-prize award winning collecive, Assemble.
Creative Class (Saturday 13:00-14:30)

Louis Woodhead
Activist // Long Live Southbank

Louise Castro

Grassroots anti-fracking campaigner


British rapper, hip-hop artist and activist

Lucy Flores

Former Elected State Representative, New Media Executive and Entrepreneur, and Political Activist

Luke Cooper

Dr Luke Cooper is Course Leader, BA (Hons) Politics and Senior Lecturer, International Politics at Anglia Ruskin University.
A Radical Alliance for Europe (Sunday 15:00-16:30)

Lydia Hughes

Lydia is an editor at Notes From Below.

Lynne Segal

Academic and feminist writer, Lynne's most recent book is Radical Happiness: Moment's of Collective Joy

Mariela Kohon
Director of Justice for Colombia

Marisa Matias MEP

Marisa Isabel dos Santos Matias is a Portuguese sociologist and Member of the European Parliament.
A Radical Alliance for Europe (Sunday 15:00-16:30)

Mark Serwotka
Trade Unionist

General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union
In and Against the State (Tuesday 15:00-16:30)

Marsha de Cordova MP
Politician // Labour Party

Shadow Minister for Disabled people

Marta Fana

Italian Journalist and author

Martin Drewry
INGO Director

Martin Drewry is CEO of Health Poverty Action – a politically progressive INGO working with some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised populations in 17 countries. Martin has worked in international development for 25 years, including co-founding the Trade Justice Movement, and as one of the leaders of Make Poverty History. He views the so called ‘war on drugs’ as a key driver of global poverty and inequality.

Martin O'Neill
Academic // Renewal

Commissioning Editor of Renewal and Senior Lecturer in Political Theory at York University
A New Economic Consensus? (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Mary Davis
Marx Memorial Library

Labour Historian. who has written, broadcast and lectured widely on women’s history, labour history, imperialism and racism. She was awarded the TUC Women’s Gold Badge in 2010 for services to trade unionism. She is currently a trustee of Marx Memorial Library

Mary Kaldor

Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics

Mat Lawrence
Researcher // IPPR

Mathew is a Senior Research Fellow in the Economy team. He works on the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, leading on the intersection between economic and technological change, political economy, and workplace democracy.
Digital Economy 101 (Monday 11:00-12:30)

Matt Kerr

Councillor for Cardonald Ward, Glasgow and Labour PPC for Glasgow South West

Matt Nelmes
Activist // LLSB

Activist at Long Live Southbank

Matt Wrack
Trade Unionist // FBU

General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

Matthew Brown
Politician // Labour Party

Labour politician and leader of Preston City Council

Matthew Butcher

Head of Communications at the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON)

Maurice Glasman, Baron Glasman

Political theorist, Labour peer and founder of Blue Labour.
Red, White, and Blue Labour (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Maya Evans

Voices for Creative Non Violence, and Labour councillor
Disrupting the Status Quo (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Maya Goodfellow

Journalist and academic

Meirian Jump
Archivist // Marx Memorial Library

Archivist & Library Manager at the Marx Memorial Library

Melissa Benn

Writer & campaigner, founder of the Local Schools Network, and chair of Comprehensive Future. Her books include School Wars: The Battle for Britain's Education

Michael Jacobs

Global Finance 101 (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Michael Roberts

Economist and author of The Great Recession: a Marxist view and The Long Depression

Mika Minio-Paluello
Economist // Energy Democracy Project

Energy Economist, Energy Democracy Project

Miranda Hall
Writer // New Economics Foundation

Miranda is a writer and activist interested in the intersections of work, gender and technology. She is excited about the development of new digital infrastructures built for people not profit while being cautious of tech solutions to social and political problems. She currently works at the New Economics Foundation in London.

Miro Griffiths

Activist and academic on human rights, advisor to UK Government and European Commission

Molly Smith
Activist // ScotPep

Sex work activist with Sex Worker Open University and ScotPep

Moussa Amine Sylla

Is a community organiser with the Selby Trust

Nancy Platts
Politician // Labour Party

Labour Councillor in Brighton, former Trade Union Liaison Officer in Jeremy Corbyn’s Office, heads up ‘Politics for the Many - Trade Unionists for Political Reform'

Naomi Klein (via video)

the Senior Correspondent at the Intercept, Bestselling author (of No Logo, This Changes Everything, The Shock Doctrine and No is Not Enough), and newly appointed the inaugural Gloria Steinem Chair of Media, Culture and Feminist Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey
A World for the Many (Sunday 17:30-19:00)

Natalie Sharples
Health Poverty Action

Head of Policy and Campaigns for Health Poverty Action

Natasha Josette

Momentum NCG member and organiser for The World Transformed
Bringing TWT to your community (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Navendu Mishra

Navendu has worked as a trade union organiser for Unison focusing on low union density sectors including care work and has recently been elected onto Labour Party’s National Executive Committee

Neil Findlay MSP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MSP for Lothians and Shadow Cabinet member leading on Brexit, Campaigns and Party engagement

Neil McInroy

Chief Executive for the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES). A leading commentator on economic development and public policy, Neil has featured in Local Government Chronicle’s annual top 50 most influential people in local government. He has been involved in public sector policy and delivery for over 25 years and has collaborated with a broad range of local, regional and national governments and agencies across UK and in Europe, Asia, US and Australasia.

Nelini Stamp
Campaigner // Working Families Party

National Organizing Director at the Working Families Party and member of Resistance Revival Chorus
Feminism for the Many (Saturday 19:30-21:15)

Niccolo Milanese
Campaigner // European Alternatives

Niccolò is a director of European Alternatives, a poet and a philosopher living in Paris, born in London to Italian and British parents.
A Radical Alliance for Europe (Sunday 15:00-16:30)

Nick Arnold
Talk Socialism

Developing Movement Leaders (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Nick Dearden
Global Justice Now

Director of Global Justice Now

Nick Mahony
Activist // Movement for Cultural Democracy

Organiser with Movement for Cultural Democracy; independent researcher/project worker; Vice Chair (Membership) Chipping Barnet CLP, Coordinator of Raymond Williams Foundation; and Outreach and Development for Soundings Journal

Niki Adams
Activist // English Collective of Prostitutes

Organiser with English Collective of Prostitutes


Chair of a deliveroo workers' council in Germany.

Owen Jones

Guardian columnist, left-wing political activist and author of Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class and The Establishment – And How They Get Away With It
Tribune: The Relaunch (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Pablo Navarrete
Journalist // Alborada

Writer, film-maker, and editor of Alborada

Pat Devine

Radical economist concerned mainly with industrial economics and comparative economic systems.

Paul Mason

Writer, author and film-maker. As economics editor at Newsnight, then Channel 4 News he covered the global financial crisis, the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement and the Gaza war. His bestselling book Postcapitalism has been translated into 16 languages. His play Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere was televised on BBC Two in 2017.

Paul Nowak
Trade Unionist // TUC

Deputy General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC)

Paul Williams
Activist // ACORN Brighton

Co-Chair of ACORN Brighton, a community-based union of working-class people fighting for renters rights

Paulina Nicol
Activist // English Collective of Prostitutes

Organiser with English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP)

Baroness Pauline Bryan

Pernille Skipper
Politician // Red-Green Alliance

Danish MP and Leader of Red-Green Alliance

Peter Stark

Peter Stark has a near 50 year career in the fields of cultural policy and management in the UK and South Africa. He founded GPS Culture with Christopher Gordon and David Powell and was a lead author on its reports with ‘A Policy for the Arts in England. The Next Steps’ ( ) leading to MCD asking him to convene the conversation around a national structure for sustainable funding of Cultural Democracy in action locally.

Peter Stefanovic


Phil Asquith

An active member in the Lucas Aerospace shop stewards committee and its alternative plan for socially useful production.

Pollyanna Ruiz
University of Sussex

Pollyanna Ruiz is a Lecturer of Media and Communication in the School of Media, Film and Music at the University of Sussex. She is the author of Articulating Dissent: Protest and the Public Sphere (Pluto, 2014).

Professor Özlem Onaran
University of Greenwich

Author and Professor of Economics at the University of Greenwich and the director of the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre

Rachael Maskell

Shadow Rail Minister
Generation Solidarity (Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Rachael O’Byrne

Rachel Broadbent
Talk Socialism

Developing Movement Leaders (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Raf Bogan

Music and Arts Production (MAP) charity

Raquel Rolnik
Architect & Urban Planner

Architect, urban planner and former UN special rapporteur on adequate housing

Raul Espejo

Raul was Operations Director of the CYBERSYN project - the Chilean Government’s cybernetic project for the management of the national economy, under the scientific direction of Stafford Beer. He has since taught at numerous universities across the globe, published extensively and is a leading expert on organisational cybernetics.

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

Labour MP for Salford and Eccles
Towards a Socialist Government (Tuesday 19:30-21:15)

Rebecca Wild

Manager of Hinterlands and Constellations

Rebecca Winson
New Economics Foundation

Activist and writer, and works as an organiser for the New Economics Foundation, concentratIng on workers' rights and housing. Amongst other things she has written about mental health and class, including her own experiences of mental health services.

Rhiannon White
Artist // Common Wealth

Co-director of Common Wealth

Richard Attlee

Richard Attlee is an actor, known for My Week with Marilyn (2011), Burnt (2015) and The IT Crowd (2006)
In Clem's Own Words (Monday 17:30-19:00)

Richard Burgon MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Leeds East, Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor
Britain's New Far Right (Saturday 15:00-16:30)
Towards a Socialist Government (Tuesday 19:30-21:15)

Richard Clarke
Activist // Marx Memorial Library

Labour party activist currently working as a consultant to Lottery funded landscape schemes, Visiting Scholar at the University of Westminster, member of the Marx Memorial Library’s Education Sub-Commit

Richard Leonard MSP
Politician // Labour Party

Leader of Scottish Labour
A New Economic Consensus? (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Richard Seymour

Writer, broadcaster & activist and author of several books, including 'Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics'. He blogs at Lenin’s Tomb.

Rick Burgess

Rick Burgess is a member of Recovery in the Bin- A critical theorist and activist collective, a co-founder of Manchester Disabled People Against Cuts and is an executive officer of the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People.

Rida Vaquas
Activist // The Clarion

Rida Vaquas is a former Momentum NCG member. She is an editor of the Clarion and translates German socialist texts in her free time. She is currently working on a dissertation on the German socialist youth movement during the war.

Rita Chadha
Activist // Migrants' Rights Network

Director of Migrants' Rights Network

Robert Verkaik

Author of 'Posh Boys: How the English Public Schools Ruin Britain'

Ronan Burtenshaw
Writer // Jacobin

Writer and Europe Editor for Jacobin
Tribune: The Relaunch (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Rory Hughes
Activist // Liverpool Guild of Students

President of University of Liverpool Guild of Students

Royston Bentham
Activist // Spirit of Shankly

Blacklist Support Group and Management Committee member of Spirit of Shankly and Football Supporters Federation National Council member
Class Justice (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Ryvka Barnard
War on Want

Ryvka Barnard has a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies from New York University where she specialised in the politics of tourism development in the occupied West Bank. She is currently the Senior Campaigns Officer on Militarism and Security at War on Want, where she campaigns against human rights abuses associated with the growing power of the military and security industry, with a special focus on the UK-Israel arms trade. 

Saikat Chakrabarti

Senior advisor to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and co-founder of Justice Democrats

Sakina Sheikh
Activist // Labour Energy Forum

Lewisham Labour councillor and campaigner for Labour Energy Forum

Sam Mason
Trade Unionist // PCS

Policy Officer at Public and Commerical Services trade union (PCS), main author of the PCS pamphlet Just Transition and Energy Democracy: a civil service trade union perspective & member of the New Lucas Plan project coordinating the Just Transition strand

Sam Swann

Labour party activist, co-host of the Novara podcast 'The Lockdown' and actor
Kids Write Plays! (Sunday 09:00-10:30)
Kids Write Plays! Performance (Sunday 17:00-17:30)

Samuel Kalejaiye

Momentum Social Media Team

Sarah-Jayne Clifton
Campaigner // Jubilee Debt Campaign

Sarah-Jayne Clifton is director of Jubilee Debt Campaign, a charity working to end poverty caused by unjust debt through education, research and campaigning. Previously she coordinated Friends of the Earth International’s campaigning on climate justice and energy. She sits on the board of Tax Justice UK and is a trustee of the Barry Amiel Norman Melburn Trust.

Sarah Weston
Campaigner // Salford Community Theatre

Sarah Weston is a doctor in politics of voice and performance at the uni of Leeds and creates local-led productions with Salford Community Theatre.

Satoko Kishimoto
Researcher // Transnational Institutute

Coordinator of the Public Alternative Project at the Transnational Institute (TNI)

Sean Farmelo
Radical Routes

Co-founder of students for co-operation, housing activist and member of Radical Routes

The Rider Union

Selena is a Foodora worker and campaigner at the Riders Union Netherlands. She's currently facing redundancy as Foodora pulls out of the country.

Seth Wheeler
Activist // Notes From Below

Founder member of Plan C, editor of the socialist journal 'Notes From Below' and member of the IWGB Union. He is currently devising an educational project in conjunction with CAIWU, a member-led union and helped to program this year's TWT Trade Union stream.

Shami Chakrabarti

Shadow Attorney General, Barrister and former Director of Liberty
Class Justice (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Sharon Clancy

Sharon Clancy is the Political Education Officer for Mansfield CLP. She's a Senior Research Fellow in Adult Education at the University of Nottingham. Her background is in community activism and public engagement and her academic interests include social justice and political activism.

Shavanah Taj
Trade Unionist // PCS

Secretary for Wales & National Officer for South West at PCS Trade Union

Sheila Coleman
Activist // Hillsborough Justice Campaign

Activist with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Unite Community, North West Coordinator
Class Justice (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Shingai Shoniwa

Musician and lead vocalist in The Noisettes

Simon Brasch
Just Treatment

Simon Lewis

Professor of global change science at University College London and University of Leeds. Author, of the book The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene, with Mark Maslin. He was involved in the Camp of Climate Action.

Simon McKeown

Award-winning and internationally exhibiting artist with a focus on disability arts

Simran Uppal

Simran is a yoga teacher, student activist and queer South Asian poet from West London. They lead the ‘Queer Yoga Space’ at Yoga Quota, an Oxford-based organisation that uses community work and free classes to get the benefits of yoga where they’re most needed
Decolonising Yoga (Monday 09:00-10:30)

Siobhan Donnachie
Activist // Greater Manchester Housing Action

Housing advisor and organiser with Greater Manchester Housing Action (GMHA) - a network of organisers and progressive academics who advocate and campaign for radical leftwing solutions to the housing crisis in Greater Manchester

Siobhan McCready

Campaign for Socialism Trade Union officer

Dr Sivan Kartha

Sivan Kartha is a Senior Scientist at SEI and co-leader of SEI’s Gender and Social Equality Programme. He is also co-Director of the Climate Equity Reference Project. His current work deals primarily with the economic, political, and ethical dimensions of equitably sharing the effort of an ambitious global response to climate change. He was also a lead author of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Sofia Brito

Activist in the Chilean student movement and feminist campaigner
Feminism for the Many (Saturday 19:30-21:15)

Sonya Ward

Labour PPC for Mansfield and Leader of Mansfield District Council Labour Group.
Painting the Towns Red (Tuesday 09:00-10:30)

Sophie Hope
Birkbeck University

Lecturer in Arts Management at Birkbeck University

St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust

StART is a group of Haringey residents and workers who want to see the St Ann’s Hospital site used permanently for the good of their local community.

Steffan Blayney

Steffan Blayney is an editor at History Workshop Online and co-organiser of History Acts.

Stephanie Kennedy


Stephen Pritchard
Movement for Cultural Democracy

Arts historian, writer, activist and artist

Steve Battlemuch
Trade Unionist // PCS

Labour Councillor in Nottingham, PCS Official, and Chairman of Robin Hood Energy

Steve Hudson
Campaigner // Labour Party

Organiser with Labour International

Stewart Lansley

Stewart Lansley is an economist and financial journalist. He is a visiting fellow at the School of Policy Studies, University of Bristol and a fellow at London's City University. He has written on inequality, wealth and poverty for academic and specialist journals as well as several newspapers. 
Update the Welfare State (Saturday 11:00-12:30)

Stuart Maclure

Project manager at Long Live Southwark

Sumerah Srivastav

Sumerah Srivastav is a playwright and screenwriter. For the screen she has written for EastEnders and her short film Origami, starring Nicholas Pinnock and Pearl Mackie, is currently in post-production. In 2017 she was identified as a rising star in the BBC’s New Talent Hotlist. This year she is as a BAFTA Crew participant and is due to complete MediaXchange and Creative Skillset’s Advanced Writing for TV drama programme. She is on Twitter @sumerahas and more info can be found at
Representation in Film (Sunday 13:00-14:30)

Susana Benavides

Member of the United Voices of the World union

Tahir Latif
Activist // PCS

Environmental campaigner and PCS activist

Ted Howard
Think Tank Director // Democracy Collaborative

Co-founder and President of The Democracy Collaborative, previously serving as the Executive Director of the National Center for Economic Alternatives

Terry Renshaw
Shrewsbury 24 campaign

Terry is the youngest of the 24 pickets and was given a suspended prison sentence after his conviction for unlawful assembly in March 1974.
Class Justice (Saturday 17:30-19:00)

Thomas Hanna
Think Tank Director // Democracy Collaborative

Research Director at Democracy Collaborative

Tim Roache

General Secretary of the GMB Union

Tina Louise Rothery

Frack Free Lancashire
Disrupting the Status Quo (Sunday 09:00-10:30)

Tithi Bhattacharya

Professor of South Asian history and Director of Global Studies at Purdue university, Indiana
Feminism for the Many (Saturday 19:30-21:15)

Toby Sinbad Walker

Toby Sinbad Walker is a Labour Party member, radio journalist and trans activist. He has organised protests for a better handling of trans stories by media platforms from which he expected better. He has also contributed to outlets such as PinkNews and TEDx, where his talk on trans healthcare reached 70,000 views on Youtube.
Fighting for Trans Liberation (Monday 19:30-21:15)

Tom Gann
New Socialist

General Editor and Theory & Strategy Co-Editor at the New Socialist

Tom Kibasi
Think Tank Director // IPPR

Director of IPPR

Tom Mills
Aston University

Lecturer at Aston University, the author of ‘The BBC: Myth of a Public Service’ and the co-presenter of the Media Democracy podcast. His academic work is centrally concerned with the ideas and practices of powerful groups and actors, and the social networks that influence policy making

Tracy Brabin MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour and Co-operative MP for Batley & Spen, Shadow Minister for Early Years.

Vijay Prashad

Indian historian and Marxist who is Director of the Tricontential Institute and Editor of LeftWord Books

Wendy Liu
Writer // New Socialist

Economics co-editor at New Socialist

Will Barker
Plan C

Will Barker is from Leeds. He is a member of Plan C and co-creator of the Social Strike Game.
Social Strike Game (Saturday 15:00-16:30)

Will Stronge
Think Tank Director // Autonomy

Will is co-director of Autonomy, a think-tank concerned with the future of work. With Helen Hester, he is the co-author of the forthcoming primer Post-Work: what it is, why it matters and how we get there (Bloomsbury, 2019).

Yohann Koshy
New Internationalist

New Internationalist co-editor

Dr Youssef El-Gingihy

Author of How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 easy steps published by Zero books. He is a GP working at the Bromley by Bow centre in Tower Hamlets. He writes regularly for The Independent & other outlets. He also commentates on television. In 2016 he was appointed on to a Labour Party Nhs think-tank. He collaborated on a documentary on the NHS called Sell-Off. He studied medicine, neuroscience and English literature at Oxford University and King's College, London.

Zita Holbourne
Activist // PCS

Activist, author & artist and PCS national vice-president

Zitto Kabwe
Politician // Alliance for Change and Transparency

Party Leader, ACT Wazalendo. Member of Parliament, Tanzania. Zitto Kabwe studied economics, international trade and Law&Business in Tanzania and Germany. His expertise is in fiscal regimes of mining, oil and natural gas as well as governance of natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa. He is the longest serving Chairman of parliamentary Public Accounts committees in Tanzanian parliament known for his fight against corruption and holding government leaders to account. Since March 2015, Zitto is The Leader of a leftist ACT Wazalendo, a political party in Tanzania.