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From Below: A Party Fit for the 21st Century?
The World Transformed

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As Conference debates the recommendations of the Democracy Review and ‘Open Selection,‘ it is clear that the politics of ‘Corbynism’ are defined by a belief that ordinary members should be the driving force within the Labour Party. But how should that work in practice? What role should members have and how do we ensure that a future Labour Government is accountable to party members and the Trade Union movement?


Jon Lansman

Founder of Momentum

Leo Panitch

Editor of the Socialist Register and distinguished research professor at York University, Canada.

Hilary Wainwright
Author // Red Pepper

Sociologist, political activist & author, fellow of the Transnational Institute and editor of Red Pepper magazine. Latest book: ‘A New Politics from the Left’, Polity Press

Aaron Bastani
Journalist // Novara Media

Co-founder and senior editor at Novara Media, journalist and author of ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’

Huda Elmi

Labour Party National Executive Committee

More speakers to be announced!