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Prosperity and Justice: A Plan for the New Economy
Institute for Public Policy Research

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The UK economy is not working. Living standards are not improving, young people are set to be poorer than their parents, the nations and regions of the country are pulling further apart, and we have longstanding weaknesses of investment, productivity and trade. This session will look at the final report of The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, which will set out its analysis of the state of the economy and present an ambitious plan for reform.


Tom Kibasi
Think Tank Director // IPPR

Director of IPPR

Furqan Naeem
Citizens UK

Furqan Naeem is a community campaigner and political activist

Jill Rubery

Economist at Manchester University

Catherine Colebrook
Researcher // IPPR

Chief economist at IPPR

Dawn Foster

Guardian columnist who writes on politics, social affairs and economics

James Meadway
Economist // Labour Party

Senior Economics Adviser to John McDonnell