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Constellations Event Space

None of Us Are Free Until We’re All Free: An Evening of Internationalism
War on Want, Global Justice Now, Jubilee Debt Campaign & Health Poverty Action

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A multimedia extravaganza of talks, films, music and spoken word, exploring the struggles of those resisting colonialism and capitalism on the front line. Join speakers from around the world to learn about and celebrate these histories of resistance - from the fight against slavery, to 20th century anti-colonial struggles and on to the present day. A vibrant spirit of international solidarity was key to all of these movements - how can we build on that legacy to forge a new internationalism for the 21st century? Featuring:

Film showings:

“Britain’s Legacy in the World – Why The Left Must Be Internationalist?”

“Resistance and Rebellion – The Story of Global Social Movements.”


  1. Lessons for activists on Internationalism today

  2. What role for the UK in an International Left? Live performance:

Afrocidade, the Bahian powerhouse from Brazil bring their sounds of resistance to TWT with a unique blend of Brazilian rhythms, Dancehall, Afrobeat and Dub. With powerful lyricism and blazing rhythms they bring the street to the stage.

DJ set:

Movimento sound system

Food and drink available.


Zitto Kabwe
Politician // Alliance for Change and Transparency

Party Leader, ACT Wazalendo. Member of Parliament, Tanzania. Zitto Kabwe studied economics, international trade and Law&Business in Tanzania and Germany. His expertise is in fiscal regimes of mining, oil and natural gas as well as governance of natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa. He is the longest serving Chairman of parliamentary Public Accounts committees in Tanzanian parliament known for his fight against corruption and holding government leaders to account. Since March 2015, Zitto is The Leader of a leftist ACT Wazalendo, a political party in Tanzania.

Vijay Prashad

Indian historian and Marxist who is Director of the Tricontential Institute and Editor of LeftWord Books

Igor Felipe
Landless Workers' Movement (MST)

Igor Felipe is a member of the National Council of MST, the Landless Workers’ Movement (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra, MST), one of Latin America’s largest and most important social movements with a membership of 1.5 million. It is a leading force both in Brazil and globally fighting for the rights of the rural poor. A key member of Via Campesina, the global movement of millions of peasants and small farmers it confronts both neoliberal agenda as well as the rise of right-wing politics.

Firoze Manji

Firoze Manji is the founder and executive director of Fahamu and editor of Pambazuka Press, an online news magazine. He is also the former Africa director for Amnesty International and former CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation and author of “African Awakenings, The Emerging Revolutions”, and “From the Slave Trade to ‘Free’ Trade: How Trade Undermines Democracy and Justice in Africa”.


British rapper, hip-hop artist and activist

Lucy Flores

Former Elected State Representative, New Media Executive and Entrepreneur, and Political Activist

Nick Dearden
Global Justice Now

Director of Global Justice Now

Sarah-Jayne Clifton
Campaigner // Jubilee Debt Campaign

Sarah-Jayne Clifton is director of Jubilee Debt Campaign, a charity working to end poverty caused by unjust debt through education, research and campaigning. Previously she coordinated Friends of the Earth International’s campaigning on climate justice and energy. She sits on the board of Tax Justice UK and is a trustee of the Barry Amiel Norman Melburn Trust.

Asad Rehman
War on Want

Martin Drewry
INGO Director

Martin Drewry is CEO of Health Poverty Action – a politically progressive INGO working with some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised populations in 17 countries. Martin has worked in international development for 25 years, including co-founding the Trade Justice Movement, and as one of the leaders of Make Poverty History. He views the so called ‘war on drugs’ as a key driver of global poverty and inequality.

More speakers to be announced!