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Black-E Theatre

Beating the Bosses: What Do We Need to Win?
Notes From Below

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If a strike can be understood as a race between bosses and workers as to who runs out of money first, it’s obvious that we need to strengthen the infrastructure of the union movement in order to win. This means overhauling restrictive legislation, building strike funds and strengthening the relationships between workplace and community organisations. What strategies can we develop to ensure workplace struggles can go the distance in hostile conditions? And what role can the Labour Party play?


Seth Wheeler
Activist // Notes From Below

Founder member of Plan C, editor of the socialist journal ‘Notes From Below’ and member of the IWGB Union. He is currently devising an educational project in conjunction with CAIWU, a member-led union and helped to program this year’s TWT Trade Union stream.

Kat Wright
Activist // ACORN Manchester

Member of Manchester ACORN, a community member led union fighting for housing justice.

Sheila Coleman
Activist // Hillsborough Justice Campaign

Activist with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Unite Community, North West Coordinator

Shavanah Taj
Trade Unionist // PCS

Secretary for Wales & National Officer for South West at PCS Trade Union