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Baltic Creative Shed

Beyond Cultural Precarity
Movement for Cultural Democracy

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How can we fund and democratise our cultures so that resources are equitably distributed, cultural workers are fairly-paid and recognised for their work, and our cultural institutions are more publicly accountable and supportive of grassroots creativity? In this participatory session, our speakers will discuss how we might fund local cultural democracy and implement minimum standards in the sector to tackle precarity and strengthen workers’ rights.


Clara Paillard
Trade Unionist // PCS

President of PCS Culture Group

Peter Stark

Peter Stark has a near 50 year career in the fields of cultural policy and management in the UK and South Africa. He founded GPS Culture with Christopher Gordon and David Powell and was a lead author on its reports with ‘A Policy for the Arts in England. The Next Steps’ (www.GPSculture.co.uk ) leading to MCD asking him to convene the conversation around a national structure for sustainable funding of Cultural Democracy in action locally.