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Deconstructing Neoliberalism: An Easy Morning Reading Group

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Neoliberalism isn’t just an economic programme. It’s a whole world-view, that has very particular ideas about how we should live. Over three days, we’ll look at one reading per session, covering the ways in which neoliberal ideology tries to turn us into competitive entrepreneurs in every aspect of our lives; how it tries to convince us that the social elite deserve their privilege; and how it even co-opts the language of feminism.

Session 3: Catherine Rottenberg, ‘How neoliberalism colonised feminism – and what you can do about it’ https://www.theconversation.com/how-neoliberalism-colonised-feminism-and-what-you-can-do-about-it-94856


Jeremy Gilbert

Professor of Cultural and Political Theory, University of East London