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Education, Education, Education...in the Labour Party
The World Transformed

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Are you a current or prospective Political Education Officer, or just interested in getting something going in your CLP? If so, this is the session for you. Led by Political Education Officers, this session will introduce attendees to the role, draw attention to some of the great work already being done and discuss some of the difficulties people face in developing socialist education within Labour. We want to come out of the session with a set of demands for the party, aimed at how it can take the role more seriously and properly support initiatives at the grassroots.


Lorcan Mullan

Lorcan Mullen is the Momentum NCG representative for Campaign for Socialism and has been an advocate for expanded political education on the Labour left. Lorcan first joined the anti-austerity movement as a student leader in Belfast in 2010 and has subsequently worked as a trade union organiser. He is a member of Edinburgh North and Leith CLP.

Lena Šimić
Performance Practitioner

Sharon Clancy

Sharon Clancy is the Political Education Officer for Mansfield CLP. She’s a Senior Research Fellow in Adult Education at the University of Nottingham. Her background is in community activism and public engagement and her academic interests include social justice and political activism.