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Drugs: Ending the War and Winning the Battle
Health Poverty Action, Transform Drug Policy Foundation

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The so called ‘War on Drugs’ is collapsing. From Canada to Portugal, US states to Uruguay, countries are waking up to the harm that outdated drug policies are causing to people the world over. The UK is lagging behind, recording record deaths year on year despite real solutions staring us in the face. Join us for an interactive session to discuss one of the most urgent social justice issues of our time. We will discuss how to deal with the difficult issues in the debate around drug policy reform and how you can be part of our growing movement for change.


Anne-Marie Cockburn

Anne-Marie Cockburn’s 15 year old daughter Martha Fernback died in 2013 of an accidental ecstasy overdose. Ever since then she has tirelessly campaigned to get drugs legally controlled and regulated. She is a founding member of the campaign Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control.

Martin Drewry
INGO Director

Martin Drewry is CEO of Health Poverty Action – a politically progressive INGO working with some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised populations in 17 countries. Martin has worked in international development for 25 years, including co-founding the Trade Justice Movement, and as one of the leaders of Make Poverty History. He views the so called ‘war on drugs’ as a key driver of global poverty and inequality.

Chris Williamson MP

Labour MP for Derby North, formerly leader of Derby City Council. He is a former bricklayer, market trader, social worker and welfare rights officer and has been an animal rights and trade union activist all his adult life.