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Black-E Theatre

Fighting for Trans Liberation

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This session will raise consciousness about transgender liberation, situating issues affecting trans people today within the changing historical relationships between gender and capitalism. What should be the role of trans liberation within the broader movement for socialism? What opportunities would a radical Labour government offer for trans liberation, and what would be its limitations? How can we address issues affecting trans people now - in work, housing, healthcare, sex work, prisons, and migrant detention centres?

Press coverage
Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording by The World Transformed. (2018-09-25)


Joni Cohen

Joni Alizah Cohen is an independent writer and researcher based in London. Her writings focus on Marxist transfeminism, queer and trans history, Marxist theories of social reproduction, biopolitics, healthcare, disability and mental illness. She is a transfeminist organiser for Women’s Strike Assembly -UK, and a member of Plan C and Action for Trans Health

Toby Sinbad Walker

Toby Sinbad Walker is a Labour Party member, radio journalist and trans activist. He has organised protests for a better handling of trans stories by media platforms from which he expected better. He has also contributed to outlets such as PinkNews and TEDx, where his talk on trans healthcare reached 70,000 views on Youtube.

Dr Chamindra Weerawardhana

Dr Chamindra Weerawardhana is a gender justice advocate, journalist, author, and gender politics academic. Chamindra was LGBT+ Officer of the Labour Party Northern Ireland, and has worked on Transfeminism in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, Canada, and Sri Lanka. Her book, “Decolonising Peacebuilding”, is out later this year.

Evren BH

Evren has been involved in trans activism for nearly a decade. They currently work towards providing radical healthcare solutions for trans people and analysing the mainstreaming of British transphobia and its recent links to far-right rhetoric. They organise with several leftist and trans liberation groups around London.