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Generation Solidarity
The World Transformed

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Increasingly age, not class, appears as the most prominent dividing line in politics. As young people have turned towards the left, older voters have turned to the right. What are the causes of this growing divide? Are things as simple as the statistics look? And how can we build intergenerational solidarity to overcome these divisions? Join five socialists from five different generations to discuss these questions and more.


James Butler
Novara Media

Senior editor of Novara Media, writer and activist

Keir Milburn
Plan C

Keir Milburn is lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation at the University of Leicester. His book, Generation Left, will be published by Polity in January 2019. He is a Member of Plan C.

Amal Bider

Amal has a focus on anti-racist and and anti-islamophobia organising. Recently, she has been working in communities particularly in response to the Grenfell Tragedy. She is particularly interested in youth empowerment and young people’s involvement in political activism. Amal has worked on documenting narratives from Eritrean refugees and their harsh journeys and has also ran workshops on tackling islamophobia.

Julie Lyon-Taylor

Chair of Merseyside Pensioners Association

Rachael Maskell

Shadow Rail Minister