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Hinterlands Theatre

Housing for All: Imagining the Homes of the Future
The World Transformed

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As the housing crisis rages on, a growing number of people are trapped in poverty and even homelessness. Building more social housing is a priority for a Labour Government, yet historically, various governments have struggled to meet ambitious targets, leading to poor quality designs and constructions. How can we learn from these experiences to build high-quality, affordable housing for all? And what would the architecture of a radical housing programme look like? Come and collectively imagine it.


Kate Macintosh

Kate is a celebrated architect responsible for building some of Britain’s most successful social housing

Anna Minton

Anna Minton is a writer, journalist and Reader in Architecture at UEL. She has written two books, Ground Control in 2009 and Big Capital in 2017

Ben Beach

Architect, housing activist and a member of Plan C

Katya Nasim
London Renters Union

Katya is a housing campaigner and founding member of the London Renters Union

James Murray

Deputy Mayor of London for Housing and Residential Development