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Solidarity is our Weapon: Lessons from UCU Strike
Notes From Below

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Over four weeks during this year’s cold spring, university lecturers on 62 campuses walked out of lectures and manned picket lines in opposition to proposed changes to their pension scheme. With the #NoCapitulation campaign, emergency demonstrations across the country, and occupations on campuses, this was the most militant strike in the sector for decades. What were the forces at play during the strike? How was action coordinated within and beyond the UCU? And what lessons can we learn for our struggles ahead? Come and find out!


Jo McNeill
Trade Unionist // Liverpool UCU

President of the University of Liverpool UCU branch, member of the UCU NEC. Recently elected as a National Negotiator for HE, sitting on the national Strategy and Finance Committee and Recruitment, Organising and Campaigns Committee

Rory Hughes
Activist // Liverpool Guild of Students

President of University of Liverpool Guild of Students

Jamie Woodcock
Author // Notes From Below

Editor for Notes From Below and Historical Materialism. Author of ‘Working the Phones’ Pluto Press 2017 and Marx at the Arcade; consoles, controllers and class struggle(forthcoming on Haymarket Press)

Seth Wheeler
Activist // Notes From Below

Founder member of Plan C, editor of the socialist journal ‘Notes From Below’ and member of the IWGB Union. He is currently devising an educational project in conjunction with CAIWU, a member-led union and helped to program this year’s TWT Trade Union stream.

More speakers to be announced!