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I'm Literally a Communist: Marx at 200
The World Transformed

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After the global financial crisis of 2008 almost precipitated the collapse of the world economy, more and more people have turned to the ideas of Karl Marx to help them understand the failures of capitalism and provide a vision for a different kind of society. In 2018, as even Teen Vogue are publishing articles about Marx, we ask what it means to be a communist today. Is it possible to separate the idea of communism from gulags and secret police? Two hundred years after his birth, are Marx’s ideas still relevant and can they help us to overcome the crises englufing our planet?

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Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording by The World Transformed. (2018-09-24)


Vijay Prashad

Indian historian and Marxist who is Director of the Tricontential Institute and Editor of LeftWord Books

Tithi Bhattacharya

Professor of South Asian history and Director of Global Studies at Purdue university, Indiana

Aaron Bastani
Journalist // Novara Media

Co-founder and senior editor at Novara Media, journalist and author of ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’

Lynne Segal

Academic and feminist writer, Lynne’s most recent book is Radical Happiness: Moment’s of Collective Joy

Wendy Liu
Writer // New Socialist

Economics co-editor at New Socialist