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Hinterlands Annex

Everything You Wanted to Know About Marxism, But Were Too Afraid to Ask
Marx Memorial Library

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Marxism is becoming popular - even the Governor of the Bank of England has said that if the economic crisis worsens, “Marx and Engels may again become relevant”.  Marxism reveals that crisis is inherent in capitalism and that its super profits are based on the exploitation and oppression of ‘the many’, with immense damage to our planet. So how can Marxism enhance our understanding of inequality, culture, ecology,  the family, racism, sexism, science and religion? Bring your questions about Marxism along to this session – and get some answers!


Richard Clarke
Activist // Marx Memorial Library

Labour party activist currently working as a consultant to Lottery funded landscape schemes, Visiting Scholar at the University of Westminster, member of the Marx Memorial Library’s Education Sub-Commit

Mary Davis
Marx Memorial Library

Labour Historian. who has written, broadcast and lectured widely on women’s history, labour history, imperialism and racism. She was awarded the TUC Women’s Gold Badge in 2010 for services to trade unionism. She is currently a trustee of Marx Memorial Library

Meirian Jump
Archivist // Marx Memorial Library

Archivist & Library Manager at the Marx Memorial Library