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Hinterlands Theatre

Migrant Political Voices: Turning Up the Volume
Labour International CLP

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Many migrants face political exclusion. In moving from one country to another, migrants often forfeit their right to a political voice in both their country of origin and their country of residence. They are routinely ignored by society, the media, political parties and trade unions. In this session, migrant acitivsts and allies will discuss how we might put migrant voices at the front and centre of our political struggles.


Steve Hudson
Campaigner // Labour Party

Organiser with Labour International

Rita Chadha
Activist // Migrants' Rights Network

Director of Migrants’ Rights Network

Grzegorz Rybak
Politician // Razem

Activist for Polish left-wing party Razem

Maya Goodfellow

Journalist and academic

Susana Benavides

Member of the United Voices of the World union

More speakers to be announced!