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No Pasaran: International Antifascism
The World Transformed

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Though its devotees call themselves nationalists, fascism is firmly an international problem. Across the world, different countries are seeing similar upsurges of the far right, coordinating their street movements across borders - and sometimes winning big electorally. So why now? Why everywhere? And most importantly - how do we stop them? Antifascists from around the world talk global tactics for a world in crisis.

Press coverage
Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording by Novara Media. (2018-10-11)


Nelini Stamp
Campaigner // Working Families Party

National Organizing Director at the Working Families Party and member of Resistance Revival Chorus

Carina Book

Political scientist and author. In her writings she focuses on analyzing the “New Right” an especially the so called “Identitarian Movement”. As an activist from “interventionist left”, she has been involved in the mobilisations against big fascist demonstrations in the last years, such as the “Day of Patriots” in 2015 which ended with a ban of the right-wing march and up to 15000 anti-fascists at the counter-demonstration.

Elif Sarican

UK Coordinator of Kurdistan Students Union. Activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement.

Gary Younge

British journalist, author and broadcaster. He is editor-at-large for The Guardian

James Butler
Novara Media

Senior editor of Novara Media, writer and activist