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Parties and Picket Lines: Building Socialist Culture
Manchester Momentum

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How do we merge the political and cultural worlds? Over the last 12 months, along with many different activists and local organisations, Manchester Momentum has worked to create a long-lasting, positive intervention on the cultural scene in the city. From regular parties and film afternoons, to political discussions and visits to picket lines, the group has sought to make politics fun and relevant in the face of a changing political landscape. Come along to this session to get the tools you need to do the same in your community!

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Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording by The World Transformed. (2018-10-23)


Ken Loach

Award winning film and television Director

Beth Redmond
Campaigner // Manchester Momentum

Beth Redmond helped to set up Chorlton Socialist Club, a space for local Labour Party members and supporters to explore political ideas through social events outside of meetings.

Faisal Yousif
Campaigner // Liverpool Momentum

Faisal Yousif is a medical student who has been active in Liverpool Momentum since its founding.

Isaac Rose
Campaigner // Greater Manchester Housing Action

Isaac Rose is a housing activist with Greater Manchester Housing Action, and has led great work holding Manchester City Council to account on their development plans.

Sarah Weston
Campaigner // Salford Community Theatre

Sarah Weston is a doctor in politics of voice and performance at the uni of Leeds and creates local-led productions with Salford Community Theatre.