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Popular Education Forum: Let's Build a Network!
The World Transformed

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The World Transformed is becoming more than just a festival. We want to help develop socialist education all year round. To this end, we are hosting a special forum where you’ll be invited to help us map existing projects, share your experience around building political education and work out what the priorities are moving forward. It is vital that voices from across the movement are involved in shaping this project. So whether you’re part of an organization or a local activist, come along, contribute your ideas and join us in building a national network for popular education.


Christine Berry

Christine Berry is a freelance researcher and writer on radical economics based in Manchester. She is a Fellow of the Next System Project and a Trustee of Rethinking Economics and the Finance Innovation Lab

Charlie Clarke

Charlie Clarke is a member of The World Transformed team and has helped organise the festival since it began in 2016. He is a member of Hackney North CLP and works as a support worker in a hostel for people with complex needs.

Ed Lewis

Campaigner for Global Justice Now and is involved in the London Renters Union. He is a co-founder of Demand The Impossible, a political eduction course for 16-25 year olds and is a member of Hackney North LP.