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Power for the Many: A Radical Agenda for Democracy
Electoral Reform Society & Politics for the Many

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Democracy is about much more than elections. Governments should be of the people, by the people & for the people, but currently many are failing on all these fronts. What is the political, economic and social impact of the ongoing centralisation of power within our institutions? Through exploring ideas such as municipalism, decentralisation, and electoral reform, and hearing from innovative projects in Scotland, Spain and places in England, this session will help imagine how we can bring about a new democracy.

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Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording by The World Transformed. (2018-09-23)


Jon Trickett MP
Politician // Labour Party

Labour MP for Hemsworth and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office

Nancy Platts
Politician // Labour Party

Labour Councillor in Brighton, former Trade Union Liaison Officer in Jeremy Corbyn’s Office, heads up ‘Politics for the Many - Trade Unionists for Political Reform’

Jonathan Shafi
Think Tank Campaigner

Campaigns Manager with think tank Common Wealth, member of the coalition behind ‘Act As If We Own The Place’, founder and coordinator of the Radical Independence Congress

Alice Kinghorn-Gray
Campaigner // Electoral Reform Society (Scotland)

Campaign Organiser for Electoral Reform Society (Scotland), organiser for ‘Act As If We Own The Place’, works on relations between the municipalist movements across Spain and Scotland

Kate Shea Baird

Kate Shea Baird is a member of the Executive of Barcelona En Comú, the citizen platform currently governing Barcelona City Hall. She has been active in its International Committee, mapping the Fearless Cities network of municipalist movements around the world.

Paul Mason

Writer, author and film-maker. As economics editor at Newsnight, then Channel 4 News he covered the global financial crisis, the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement and the Gaza war. His bestselling book Postcapitalism has been translated into 16 languages. His play Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere was televised on BBC Two in 2017.