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Invisible Histories: Racism's Past and Present

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Public discourse on racism is increasingly tribalised, focused on division, and subjected to legislation intent on silencing public debate. Over the past year, terrible events - from the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower to the shameful Windrush scandal - reveal active legacies of British colonialism, where racism forms an integral part of British policies, and render entire communities invisible. Together these factors place enormous political pressures on citizens from black, migrant, refugee, and minority ethnic communities. The speakers will explore routes to building a unified movement, drawing on a long tradition of anti-racist principles and campaigning.


Jacqueline Rose

Professor of Humanities, Birkbeck University of London, co-founder Independent Jewish Voices

Karma Nabulsi

Professor Karma Nabulsi teaches at the Oxford, and works on revolutionary and republican thought. She recently launched the digital teaching resource ‘The Palestinian Revolution’ http://learnpalestine.politics.ox.ac.uk. Karma is UCU equalities officer at the university, and co-founder of the Hoping Foundation, which sponsors emergency assistance, art, and scholarships for young Palestinians in refugee camps across the ME. She won the Guardian’s Higher Education ‘Inspiring Leader Award’ in 2017, and Arab Woman of the Year, 2018.

Maya Goodfellow

Journalist and academic

Ash Sarkar
Journalist // Novara Media

Senior editor at Novara Media, and lecturer in Global Politics at Anglia Ruskin University and The Sandberg Instituut


British rapper, hip-hop artist and activist

Elif Sarican

UK Coordinator of Kurdistan Students Union. Activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement.

Akram Salhab

Migrants Organise