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Red, White, and Blue Labour
Novara Media

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From Diane Abbott’s lifelong anti-racist activism to Neil Kinnock’s efforts to block black sections within the party, Labour has a polarised past when it comes to its relationship with Britain’s BAME communities. Now, up against the normalisation of far-right politics by the British establishment, and the need to reconcile the differences between sections of its electoral coalition who have vastly different attitudes towards immigration, can Labour win power on a platform of progressive economic policy and radical anti-racism?

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Write-ups and recordings

Full session video by Novara Media. (2018-09-23)


Ash Sarkar
Journalist // Novara Media

Senior editor at Novara Media, and lecturer in Global Politics at Anglia Ruskin University and The Sandberg Instituut

Dalia Gebrial

Decolonisation activist, PhD candidate at LSE and co-editor of ‘Decolonising the University’

John Denham

Former Secretary of State and Director of the English Labour Network

Diane Abbott MP
Poltician // Labour Party

Shadow Home Secretary and Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Maurice Glasman, Baron Glasman

Political theorist, Labour peer and founder of Blue Labour.

Kojo Koram

Lecturer at Essex Law School. His research interests include questions around international law, empire and race.

More speakers to be announced!