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Black-E Studio

Rentquake: Strategies and Tactics for the New Private Renter Movement
London Renters Union, Acorn, Generation Rent & Greater Manchester Housing Action

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The number of private renters has doubled since 2004; many of us live in expensive housing with appalling conditions, from which we could be forced to move at a moment’s notice. However, renters are now getting organised! Several grassroots organisations have recruited hundreds of members through community outreach and direct action, while national campaigns have shifted the political agenda around housing. Come along to learn about the challenges, opportunities and tactics underpinning renter organising!


Paul Williams
Activist // ACORN Brighton

Co-Chair of ACORN Brighton, a community-based union of working-class people fighting for renters rights

Siobhan Donnachie
Activist // Greater Manchester Housing Action

Housing advisor and organiser with Greater Manchester Housing Action (GMHA) - a network of organisers and progressive academics who advocate and campaign for radical leftwing solutions to the housing crisis in Greater Manchester

Jacob Mukherjee
Campaigner // Generation Rent

Campaigns Officer at Generation Rent - an organisation fighting for the rights and interests of private renters. He is currently coordinating the national campaign to end no-fault evictions