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Saving the NHS: Planning our Fightback
NEON & Health Campaigns Together

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Our NHS has been under attack from successive governments, whose policies have weakened the popular and efficient model on which it was founded, breaking it up, selling it off and creating a full-blown staffing crisis. How can the NHS be saved? Can it be improved upon? In this session we’ll develop a plan to build the mass movement we need to save our NHS, hearing from a wide-ranging set of speakers from the UK and further afield, and, most importantly, from you! Please note this is a practical and participatory session.

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Write-ups and recordings

Socialist Health Association


Bonnie Castillo
Trade Unionist // National Nurses United

Executive Director of National Nurses United union of the United States

John Lister
Health Campaigns Together

Simon Brasch
Just Treatment

Felicity Dowling
Liverpool Women's Hospital campaign

Deborah Harrington
Public Matters