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Taking What's Ours: Public Ownership from Below?
Democracy Collaborative

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On every continent, activists and political leaders are transforming struggles to resist privatisation into campaigns to restore and expand public ownership. The Labour Party is no exception. For some however, public ownership still means nothing more than top-down control and loads of bureaucracy. By looking at examples from across the globe, this session will discuss how this needn’t be the case, and what democratic forms of public ownership, with worker and community participation at their heart, might look like.

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Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording by The World Transformed. (2018-09-25)


Thomas Hanna
Think Tank Director // Democracy Collaborative

Research Director at Democracy Collaborative

Cat Hobbs
Campaigner // We Own It

Founder and Director of We Own It

Hilary Wainwright
Author // Red Pepper

Sociologist, political activist & author, fellow of the Transnational Institute and editor of Red Pepper magazine. Latest book: ‘A New Politics from the Left’, Polity Press

Andrew Towers
Trade Unionist // CWU

Head of Political Strategy at CWU

Andrew Cumbers

Political economist