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Deliveroo and Uber: Striking Beyond Borders
Momentum International

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On paper the gig economy poses significant problems to union organisers regardless of geography. Nevertheless, the last two years have seen an international wave of workers’ organisation in this burgeoning sector. How were these struggles coordinated and can lessons be applied elsewhere?

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Callum Cant
Activist // Notes From Below

Callum Cant is currently writing ‘Working for Deliveroo’ (forthcoming on Polity Press) and is an editor at Notes from Below. He worked at Deliveroo for eight months, during which time he was an IWGB rep.


Chair of a deliveroo workers’ council in Germany.

Chris Fear
Industrial Workers of the World

Courier, General Organiser of the Industrial Workers of the World union and a co-leader of the IWW Couriers Network campaign.

Lydia Hughes

Lydia is an editor at Notes From Below.

The Rider Union

Selena is a Foodora worker and campaigner at the Riders Union Netherlands. She’s currently facing redundancy as Foodora pulls out of the country.

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