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Black-E Theatre

The Lucas Plan and the New Economics
Red Pepper & Spokesman

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The Lucas Plan is one of the most radical alternative models to economic planning ever drawn up by workers. By demanding the right to socially useful production, the plan reopened the debate on economic democracy. 40 years on, these ideas are as relevant as ever. How can we build workers’ control into economic planning? What technological tools are available for us to enhance the possibility of popular economic control? How can organised Labour champion the right to production with a social purpose?

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Write-ups and recordings

Full session recording by The World Transformed. (2018-09-23)


Hilary Wainwright
Author // Red Pepper

Sociologist, political activist & author, fellow of the Transnational Institute and editor of Red Pepper magazine. Latest book: ‘A New Politics from the Left’, Polity Press

Sam Mason
Trade Unionist // PCS

Policy Officer at Public and Commerical Services trade union (PCS), main author of the PCS pamphlet Just Transition and Energy Democracy: a civil service trade union perspective & member of the New Lucas Plan project coordinating the Just Transition strand

Phil Asquith

An active member in the Lucas Aerospace shop stewards committee and its alternative plan for socially useful production.

Pat Devine

Radical economist concerned mainly with industrial economics and comparative economic systems.

John McDonnell MP
Politician // Labour Party

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington